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Anne Marie
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Painful Blessings

Christmas is almost "officially" over.  According to my husband it was about at this time that Doran Melanson, his grandfather, would say, "Well, Christmas is further away now than ever."

Today Anne Marie gave us a bit more detail on the cancer.  It is in only one lung and has not, to the best of the doctors' knowledge, spread to any other organs.  It has been caught relatively early, which is quite remarkable as small-cell lung cancer tends to remain asymptomatic until it is very far advanced.

So, although the question of why she has been dealing with so much pain is as yet unanswered, it could simply be that that pain is a blessing from God - it got her into the hospital so they could find and begin to fight this cancer!  It is so important to count our blessings, even when they come in disguise.

Happy Christmas!

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