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Anne Marie
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Decision to Proceed

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday Anne Marie told Derek (on the phone as we couldn't get in - we had a lot to do to prepare for our Christmas Eve service) that she has decided to go ahead with therapy.  She begins chemotherapy on Monday or Tuesday.  She will have it for three days straight and then have three weeks off.  Then the cycle will continue to repeat for a period of three months.  When she begins chemo she will also begin radiation therapy.  That will be five days per week.

Today we will be visiting her in her new room in the oncology unit: 5AS.  She was able to get a bed by a window, which is good for her SADS.

She will also be beginning physiotherapy in order to strengthen her muscles and help her toward increasing independence.

May God bless you this Christmas, and please pray that Anne Marie would enjoy her Christmas as well, despite circumstances.

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